Going with your gut, how small decisions can change your life

We all have that one friend who is ahead of the curve, the one with the amazing ideas and the one who pushes you as well.

Let me introduce Jenny Palmer

Jenny has been training people locally for over 20 years and online since before the C-word.

Back in 2016 she asked me to take photos for her website, see above, little did we know where it would lead (clue… my business), and that brand photography would become a thing!

She didn’t want boring, standard headshots, but images that reflected her wonderful personality and her business…

Luckily we had a helping hand from Claire of No 64 The Biscuit House and her styling expertise.

In hindsight… this was the start of something BIG! For both of us. Over the years we’ve regularly updated her brand photos are her business not only goes from strength-to-strength but has also pivoted and adapted to the changing world around us and new technology.

Jenny is embracing online training in a BIG way this year and I have plans to make brand photography easier and more accessible for all solopreneurs and small businesses that just need to get out there.

Imagine if I had said no to Jenny…. I almost did!

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