But, I hate having my photo taken…

I’m going to let in on a secret… OK, not a HUGE secret… I HATE having my photo taken.

So I’m over here preaching about how you need to be visible for your business, and how I can help you build brand visibility, trust and connection with your ideal clients without actually practicing what I preach.

Hypocritical, right? Abso-bloody-lutely.

I still stand by what I say, you do need to be the face of your brand and I can obviously help you with that. Seeing all the wonderful photos of my clients I can see how amazing they look talking about the things they love and the passion behind the their business. Which is actually one of my favourite things about photographing a range of businesses. I love learning about what you do, from coaches to personal trainers, service businesses, products and even I learnt a whole lot about pottery a few weeks ago – it’s fascinating the knowledge that everyone has.

With that in mind, do you know the most common thing I’ve found whilst learning about my clients? Everyone feels like a bit of an imposter, like they’re winging it (myself included). However, you’re all more knowledgeable than you think and you should definitely share that with your clients – which is my goal going forward!

Well, that and being more visible, time to get some photos of myself I guess – wish me luck, I’ve booked myself in for a mini session in May.. what could possibly go wrong?!

So let me know, do you need some images? Are you going to share some of your behind the scenes secrets and knowledge? How are you going to put yourself out there?

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