Dorset Brand Shoot Mini Sessions: Helen Wallis-Dowling

Meet Helen, a New Milton-based self belief coach. Helen’s unique blend of story based coaching aims to help her clients explore their beliefs and patterns that stand in the way of their goals. However, she was standing in the way of her own… getting in front of the camera.

Coaching is all about connection, reaching your ideal clients and putting yourself out there. Helen was ready to embrace this challenge but not quite at the place for a full-on personalised brand session. Luckily I was running Christchurch Mini Sessions. The perfect way for her to have a handful of images for social media and marketing without the fear of having to pose for hours on end.

We met up on a sunny autumn morning at Christchurch Pavilion an walked around town, talking about her business and passions – a sure fire way to get you to light up on camera!

This is my favourite part of any brand shoot, big or small, learning about my clients businesses. The joy in their faces when they tell me about their purpose and the life they’re creating is infectious, I always learn something from it as well, win-win!

And, before we know it the mini sessions are over, walk, talk, shoot, coffee. Perfect, no stress, no pressure, just easy content for your business to help you connect with your ideal clients.

Thank you Becky. It [the shoot] was so much fun and judging by these sneak peek images, I’m going to have some wonderful pictures for all my marketing needs

Helen Wallis-Dowling, Self Belief Coach

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