Your brand isn’t ABOUT you…

Now, hear me out. I know I always bang on about being your brand, embodying your business and it’s ethos. I’m not retracting that statement, and in order to attract people who you want to work with and value your product or service you need to be yourself. Plus, it’s EXHAUSTING trying to create content. Being a business owner is exhausting enough, right?

Let’s also face the fact that while you might be the foundation of your business, your clients are the hero of this epic story. They’re ones on this journey with you, you’re their guide showing them they way to the result need. So show them the journey and your value!

You can talk about, post videos, tell them your process and the process of working with you… The best way to do this is through visuals to catch their eye, to stop them in their tracks to read your content. However, text without context is hard work, don’t make them burn extra calories trying to figure out what it is you do and how it will help them. Spell it out with simple text and beautiful imagery.

How do we bring this to life, how do we tell your brand story?

Basically, it’s what you do. How you do it. Why you and it is awesome and how it came to be. There are so many facets to your story, that once you start unravelling it you’ll be overloaded with ideas and content.

Let’s grab a note pad and jot down some notes:

  • Where and how did your business begin?
  • What do you do?
  • How do you do it? What’s your process…
  • Why do you love what you do?
  • Who are you! – Your potential clients want to know who they’re buying from
  • Talk about suppliers, fellow business owners, collaborators, people who inspire you…

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed or daunted by this, it’s OK! I do sometimes as well. I’m always here to chat about how to visually get your message across so that you can make sharing your brand story a lot easier!

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