Tuesday Truth: Your photographer isn’t responsible for how you feel about yourself… 

That’s a bold statement, right, obviously we want you to love your photos… but, you know, it’s totally normal to have those moments where we’re like, “Hmm, is that really me?” (especially when you’re used to seeing yourself from a selfie POV). But here’s the thing – it’s not the photographer’s job to fix how we feel about ourselves in pictures.

As photographer’s we are awesome at capturing moments, playing with light, and making our surroundings look fantastic. However, the way you see yourselves in those pics goes beyond our control. It’s more about our own feelings, insecurities, and what’s going on in our heads.

Sure, we can create a good atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and confident. But at the end of the day, how you feel about your own self-image is down to you – it requires some internal work.

Remember, photos freeze a moment in time; they don’t define you entirely. Feeling good about yourselves in photos is a journey of self-love and acceptance. It’s about realizing that your worth goes way beyond appearances and is tied to our unique qualities and experiences.

So, the next time you’re scrolling through your pics and having a moment, cut yourself some slack. It may not be down to your photographer that you’re feeling down – it’s an inside job. Embrace those quirks, celebrate your uniqueness, and let those photos be a fun part of your story without letting them mess with your vibe. You’re awesome just as you are – and that’s why your clients work with you – they see the brilliant business person behind the photos!

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